Average CitizenEdit

These people are just regular people like you and me: weak, employed, innocent, and utterly terrified. Although you can't control these people directly, you can use money and intimidation to manipulate them.

Unattached GangsterEdit

These people are criminals looking for work. They can be found in gyms, pool halls, docks, and labor exchanges, and are able to be recruited.

Belonging Gangster or "Hood" These people are employed criminals belonging to one of the four gangs.

Police OfficerEdit

A police officer is basically an average citizen with enhanced abilities. All police officers are armed and will shoot at you if they see you doing something illegal. Officers can be bribed.

Gang LeaderEdit

There are four of these types in the game: one for each gang, and you are one of them. Gang leaders always stay in their office, never venturing outside. They do nothing but sit there and give orders, but most of them are well guarded.

FBI Agent Edit

An FBI agent is basically an elite police officer. Unless you are really bad, you will rarely see one of these. FBI agents are incorruptible. They cannot be bribed.


A judge is, well, a judge. These people make a living by sitting in the courthouse and ruling on criminal cases. Judges can be bribed.


These people help you out with legal issues. If you can afford one, I would highly recommend picking one up. If you do, make sure he has at least four stars in Intelligence. Lawyers can also get your Hoods out of legal trouble and bribe police officers and top brass officials.


Accountants help you out with financial issues. They are not exactly essential, but if you run a lot of businesses you should hire one.

The gameplay of Gangsters is split into two basic sections: the Planning Period and the Work Week. You give the majority of your orders during the Planning Period and then watch them being carried out during the Work Week.