We have talked about businesses that can bring in around 10 percent of their cost per week. Now let's take a look at how you can get around 100 percent return on your investment weekly. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not. It's just too good to be legal. There are several different types of illegal businesses you can set up. Some cost more than others, but they also usually bring in more money each week. However, before you can set up an illegal business, you must have a front and some empty land.

The Front Edit

A front to an illegal business is literally just that. It is a legal business that is located in front of the illegal business. You can also think of it as a facade. It hides the illegal business from the eyes of the FBI. Choosing a good front is important. While it does not have to make a lot of money, it should still bring in a good profit. You must also choose a front that corresponds to the type of illegal activity taking place in the back rooms. For example, a restaurant is a good front for a Speakeasy just as an accountant's office is good for insider trading. More information on appropriate fronts will be discussed later. However, if you do not choose a proper front, there is a greater chance of the FBI becoming suspicious of your activities.

Empty LandEdit

After you have purchased a front, you must now buy the empty land in the middle of the block. This is quite inexpensive, usually between $200 and $300.

Setting Up an Illegal BusinessEdit

With the front ready and the empty land purchased, you are ready to set up your illegal business. Assign an intelligent Hood with good business sense to the empty lot. You must then choose what type of business you want to place there. There are 15 different types, and they come in all price ranges. Let's take a look at each. In the sections following, each business will be described and the cost of setting up provided, as well lists of good fronts to choose for them. Good fronts provide the lowest level of suspicion while average fronts will lower suspicion a bit, but not as much as a good front. All businesses not listed are considered poor fronts and should not be used for certain types of illegal businesses. After giving the order to set up a business, it will take a few weeks for the Hood to get it up and running. Therefore, do not expect to see a profit for two to three