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While taxes are not a source of income, they do affect the amount of money you bring in weekly. In addition, the fewer taxes you have to pay, the more money you will make. At the beginning of the game, when you are not making a lot of money, taxes are not too bad. However, as you start to bring in more profits per week, the percentage paid in taxes rises significantly. Taxes do nothing for your gang personally, so every dollar paid in tax is a dollar wasted. Therefore, you want to minimize the taxes you must pay.

Tax Evasion Edit

There are several ways to cut your taxes. The main way is to order your Accountant to evade taxes. This involves the Accountant hiding a part of your profits each week and reporting a lower profit to the government than was actually brought in. A good Accountant can hide a lot of money, and hide it well. Tax evasion can be trouble though. If your Accountant is arrested or defects, the books may get into the hands of the FBI who will then come after you personally for not paying your taxes. While this may not seem like a big threat, remember that income tax evasion is what sent Al Capone to prison.

Cut Your Net Profits Edit

Another (and completely legal) way of lowering the taxes you pay is to decrease your net profits. While this may at first seem silly, it does not mean bringing in less money, it merely means that you should make sure your expenses are close your to profits each week.

You need to add money to your safe on a regular basis and at times will need to have a large sum of cash in order to make a major purchase. However, you can legally avoid taxes, and save yourself money, by instead purchasing property with a portion of your income. These purchases not only increase your total asset value, but will also provide a profit themselves in the future. Purchasing weapons and vehicles does not decrease your net profit.