Gangsters takes place in a giant 3D world comprised of hundreds and hundreds of individual characters. The basic point of the game is to conquer this world, called New Temperance, through organized crime. You must recruit gang members, extort businesses, cheat, steal, kill, and lie to make it to the top. In accomplishing this task, you will come into contact with the three other gangs who are going for the same goal.

There are actually three different ways you can win. Lets take a look at them in order of difficulty.

Going Straight Edit

If you have a lawyer and enough money, you can go straight and leave your life of crime behind. If you choose to go straight, you cannot own any illegal businesses. Although this is supposed to be the 'easiest' way to win, inexperienced players will no doubt have trouble in achieving its objectives.

Being elected mayorEdit

To run for mayor, you must have a large sum of money and a lawyer to assist you. Being elected mayor is one of the hardest things to accomplish because the rival gangs will stop at nothing to humiliate you and ruin your election campaign. I personally would not recommend trying this, but then again I'm not exactly what you'd call a veteran.

Eliminating the rival gangsEdit

This method of winning is supposedly the hardest, but inexperienced players should try to shoot for this one. In order to eliminate a gang, you must assassinate its leader and anyone else who might be able to take over. Sometimes when you kill a gang leader, one of his/her lieutenants will take over the gang and you will have to eliminate him.

There are many different types of citizens in the world of Gangsters. Lets take a look at a few of them.